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The Devil Is in The Retail: The power of creating an immersive environment through the exploration of the senses

Johnnie Walker 'Symphony in Blue'

By Cat Sterry, Art Director at RPM


From our earliest steps to our last moments, we experience the world through our five senses. Watching a child gummily chewing on a plastic toy in the park the other day, I was struck by how as we grow in life we become less reliant on these senses to explore the world.

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Trek to the North Pole

hughRPM founder Hugh Robertson is attempting to walk and ski 100km to the North Pole for the Prince’s Trust . He has endured more than 650 hours of training and treatment and set off on his challenge last week. Here’s his story, so far…

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The power of brand experience

By John Viccars, Senior Strategist, RPM

One of the most common questions we come across is “why invest in brand experience?” and “what does brand experience do?” Although there’s nothing wrong with being asked these questions it’s the scepticism that still lingers around brand experience vs. traditional media that needs to be addressed.

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Operating overseas and the value of local knowledge from an event delivery perspective

By Robert Price, Group Production Director, RPM


For a sustained period RPM has enjoyed significant growth in its global operations offering and we have consulted on and/or delivered a broad range of activations outside the UK from the US to Russia and more recently across a range of African markets, each market of course presenting it’s own fresh challenges.

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The values needed for our ‘new world order’


In today’s fast paced, attention seeking, disruptive yet wholly engaged world, as marketers and consumers navigate their way through, it appears that the old adage stands true: in order to create great work, you need the perfect alchemy.

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Glasgow 2014 and the Art of Motivating Large Communities

Simon Couch

The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games are now recruiting for an army of 15,000 volunteers in a move that is no doubt designed to emulate the outstanding success of last year’s 70,000 Olympic Games Makers. But just how can you go about motivating a group of volunteers on such a massive scale?

The Olympics and the production Industry

RPM’s Head of Production, Rory Sloan, gives his views on how the Olympic Games will affect the Production industry. Read more on The Olympics and the production Industry…

Who’s Having The Last Laugh?

I’ve come across a number of very humorous adverts online recently, the punch lines of which have almost always stayed with me throughout the day. Not only this, but each time, I was compelled to share these moments ofhysteriawith others in order that, like me, they too could add a touch of comedy to their day.

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Art & Experiential

Currently gracing RPM’s reception area is a double sided canvas stand dominated with distinctive doodles by artist Jon Burgerman. His graffiti-like style is quirky and lively to say the least and, we believe,is unquestionabley one to watch.

Burgerman is slowly but surely making his mark on the art world- his latest projects have included the development of a range of Ripcurl clothing, a series of soya surfboards and he’s also adorned the walls of Miss Sixty’s swanky hotel in Italy with swirls, shapes and scribbles.

Uniting art and experiential works extremely well. In fact, it pretty much dominated our Tiger Translate event held last year at Hearn Street Car Park. In the run up to the event, we hired a studio for a week to allow a group of artists to create work for it. They then took part in a live graffiti competition held in the evening.

Alternatively, what also works well is allowing the consumer to take over role of artist. For example, at Smirnoff UR The Night we created an interactive graffiti wall where designs were created using digital spray cans onto a screen canvas. These were captured and mailed directly or sent via Bluetooth to the consumer’s phone for them to share with friends.

Art is provocative, engaging and of course extremely cool; effective for engaging any audience.

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British Is Best

It’s recently been reported thatClipper Tea are returning to the concept of the British Tea Lady in their latest fully integrated experiential campaign. A ‘Revival Team’ will arrive at offices throughout the UK, serving up a mid morning tea party whilst explaining the benefits of Green Tea.

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