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The Devil Is in The Retail: The power of creating an immersive environment through the exploration of the senses

Johnnie Walker 'Symphony in Blue'

By Cat Sterry, Art Director at RPM


From our earliest steps to our last moments, we experience the world through our five senses. Watching a child gummily chewing on a plastic toy in the park the other day, I was struck by how as we grow in life we become less reliant on these senses to explore the world.

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The power of brand experience

By John Viccars, Senior Strategist, RPM

One of the most common questions we come across is “why invest in brand experience?” and “what does brand experience do?” Although there’s nothing wrong with being asked these questions it’s the scepticism that still lingers around brand experience vs. traditional media that needs to be addressed.

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Nurturing Talent & Grad Scheme

As an industry, I think we’re leading the pack in terms of sustaining recruitment and developing talent on all levels. Recruitment plays such a vital role in bringing fresh vitality and new viewpoints to the table. But, it’s not just about getting talent in- it’s keeping it that matters. The only way you can achieve this is investing in your people and their working environment. Some of our graduate recruits who joined over ten years ago now hold key leadership positions andit’s here that I’d like to flag up our grad scheme- open for entries until June 25th.

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Brands Merge With Film

In a world of high engagement, static advertising is starting to seem somewhat old fashioned. Some may argue that I would say this of course, as I do champion the experiential discipline, but the proof is in the pudding. Instead of planting themselves on billboards or magazine pages, brands are now taking the next step and subtly merging with the world of film, through product placement, sponsorship, or the generation of their very own film content.

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