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The power of brand experience

By John Viccars, Senior Strategist, RPM

One of the most common questions we come across is “why invest in brand experience?” and “what does brand experience do?” Although there’s nothing wrong with being asked these questions it’s the scepticism that still lingers around brand experience vs. traditional media that needs to be addressed.

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The Olympics and the production Industry

RPM’s Head of Production, Rory Sloan, gives his views on how the Olympic Games will affect the Production industry. Read more on The Olympics and the production Industry…

Brands Merge With Film

In a world of high engagement, static advertising is starting to seem somewhat old fashioned. Some may argue that I would say this of course, as I do champion the experiential discipline, but the proof is in the pudding. Instead of planting themselves on billboards or magazine pages, brands are now taking the next step and subtly merging with the world of film, through product placement, sponsorship, or the generation of their very own film content.

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It’s Good For The Environment

Everyone knows it’s good to be environmentally friendly. This topic is especially prevalent at the moment, as each political party discusses how they’d like to shape the future. Labour in fact say they aim to make Britain greener, cleaner and less polluting, reducing Britain’s CO2 emissions by at least 20 per cent by 2020.

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Art & Experiential

Currently gracing RPM’s reception area is a double sided canvas stand dominated with distinctive doodles by artist Jon Burgerman. His graffiti-like style is quirky and lively to say the least and, we believe,is unquestionabley one to watch.

Burgerman is slowly but surely making his mark on the art world- his latest projects have included the development of a range of Ripcurl clothing, a series of soya surfboards and he’s also adorned the walls of Miss Sixty’s swanky hotel in Italy with swirls, shapes and scribbles.

Uniting art and experiential works extremely well. In fact, it pretty much dominated our Tiger Translate event held last year at Hearn Street Car Park. In the run up to the event, we hired a studio for a week to allow a group of artists to create work for it. They then took part in a live graffiti competition held in the evening.

Alternatively, what also works well is allowing the consumer to take over role of artist. For example, at Smirnoff UR The Night we created an interactive graffiti wall where designs were created using digital spray cans onto a screen canvas. These were captured and mailed directly or sent via Bluetooth to the consumer’s phone for them to share with friends.

Art is provocative, engaging and of course extremely cool; effective for engaging any audience.

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All In The Flavour

Max Lenderman’sExperience The Messageblog discusses the 19 new flavours of Kit Kat that have recently been launched in Japan. Lenderman calls this an ‘experiential extension’ and such tactics in the culinary world are always successful in attracting attention to a brand.

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British Is Best

It’s recently been reported thatClipper Tea are returning to the concept of the British Tea Lady in their latest fully integrated experiential campaign. A ‘Revival Team’ will arrive at offices throughout the UK, serving up a mid morning tea party whilst explaining the benefits of Green Tea.

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Ian Irving On The Power Of Staff Engagement

Live events are an extremely powerful communication tool – especially when used in unison with other communication channels. Today’s conference and B2B meeting organisers are utilising the latest wireless and HD technology. When audience interaction, education and content sharing is required, we are seeing an increase in the use of interactive and touch screen technology as well as brands embracing the use of social media and digital platforms to share, measure, and amplify their events. There are so many new and innovative ways to inspire and engage the corporate audience and developments in areas such as digital theatre and content sharing are creating a revolution in the corporate communications and event arena. In this day and age there is no excuse for “death by PowerPoint” and I am certainly not referring to virtual events.

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Really Real Experiences

2010 has already seen 3D technology take the world by storm; but why is there a sudden need to get up close and personal with absolutely everything? I guess the answer lies in the emerging trend of ‘really real’ experiences that consumers now crave, a trend which has been around for a few years and, to me,shows no signs of abating.

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Provocative Projections

For large scale projects, projection can be an extremely effective way of engaging an audience. With the help of our production department, we’ve handpicked some ingenious examples that help show that by using projection, campaignscannot only be interactive but playful and certainly memorable too.

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