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All In The Flavour

Max Lenderman’s Experience The Message blog discusses the 19 new flavours of Kit Kat that have recently been launched in Japan. Lenderman calls this an ‘experiential extension’ and such tactics in the culinary world are always successful in attracting attention to a brand.

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Brands have gone Gaga

Has anyone seen Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s new video ‘Telephone’? I’d be surprised if you hadn’t; it’s making huge headlines this week, including the Telegraph and an interesting blog from the Guardian.  To be honest it’s pretty hard to miss, not only because Gaga puts to death all those hermaphrodite rumours.      

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Enjoying festival sponsorship responsibly….

by Rory Sloan, Head of Production     


You wouldn’t know it to go outside, but summer really is just around the corner, and with festival line ups being announced and tickets selling out already for most of the big ones, the subject of sponsorship starts to become quite heated.       

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