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The Elephant Parade .v. The Vadar Project

If you live in London, I’m fairly sure you’ll have seen atleast one of the 250 elephants placed around the capital this summer, each one individually designed and crafted by various artists and designers including Jack Vetriano, Matthew Williamson and Jeff Hoare. With a host of celebrity supporters and arguably faultless PR, the Elephant Parade has proved to extremely succcessful in raising awareness. In fact, after a recent auction, a grand total of £70,000 was raised towards the charity

Another similar project that delves slightly more into the dark side of art is ‘The Vadar Project’. Again, 100 artists and designers customized replicas of the Darth Vader helmet transforming the mask of the menacing villain into individual works of art.

Unlike the elephants though, this exhibition has been touring for 4 years and is soon to come to an end in Freeman’s Auction House in Philedelphia. Curated and produced by Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys, the Vader Project is on view at Freeman’s from July 5-9, followed by the auction on July 10. The show also includes a vibrant limited-edition catalog featuring full-color photographs of each helmet.

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Art & Experiential

Currently gracing RPM’s reception area is a double sided canvas stand dominated with distinctive doodles by artist Jon Burgerman. His graffiti-like style is quirky and lively to say the least and, we believe,is unquestionabley one to watch.

Burgerman is slowly but surely making his mark on the art world- his latest projects have included the development of a range of Ripcurl clothing, a series of soya surfboards and he’s also adorned the walls of Miss Sixty’s swanky hotel in Italy with swirls, shapes and scribbles.

Uniting art and experiential works extremely well. In fact, it pretty much dominated our Tiger Translate event held last year at Hearn Street Car Park. In the run up to the event, we hired a studio for a week to allow a group of artists to create work for it. They then took part in a live graffiti competition held in the evening.

Alternatively, what also works well is allowing the consumer to take over role of artist. For example, at Smirnoff UR The Night we created an interactive graffiti wall where designs were created using digital spray cans onto a screen canvas. These were captured and mailed directly or sent via Bluetooth to the consumer’s phone for them to share with friends.

Art is provocative, engaging and of course extremely cool; effective for engaging any audience.

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