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Are Limited Marketing Courses Affecting Recruitment?



RPM’s Head of Creative, Neil Hooper, questions whether limited Marketing courses are affecting recruitment.

Marketing courses at Universities are somewhat limited. I say this because I have been in touch with a number of lecturers who are all still using curriculums written five years ago and are desperate for more current and up to date industry insight. Many of them have also been removed from the industry for just as long, so how are students supposed to know what’s really happening out there? As a result of these restrictive and outmoded courses, students are emerging out of University without a real grasp of Below the Line advertising and equipped with a very limited impression of the Marketing landscape. I’ll often see portfolios which include one piece of advertising, a piece of ambient media and an app, and this is all they’ve been taught.

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There’s No Place Like Home….(when it comes to Marketing).


Stephanie Wollenberg, RPM’s PR Manager, discusses the appeal of the homely environment during Experiential campaigns.

We’re currently working with Smirnoff on their pre-mix sampling campaign. The brief is to build a sampling stand that replicates the comfort of the home environment to highlight that pre-mix can be enjoyed in the home just as commonly as wine or beer. This brought me on to consider the look and feel of any experiential space, which I’ve often found most effective when replicating the comfort of a  home.

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Cavemen Didn’t Write Lists


Account Director, Tom Lovegrove explains how strory telling could be a key ingredient for Marketing campaigns. Marketers listen up…

Cavemen didn’t have lists. No great surprise there I know. They didn’t have pencils. But a means did evolve where important knowledge could be shared between individuals, groups and across generations. A way that information could be easily retained, recalled and repeated without reference to a physical record: the art of storytelling.

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Artist Takes Engagement To The Max

Anonymous artist ‘JR’ takes engagement to the max. A worthy winner of the infamous TED Prize, (awarded to an individual who ‘wishes big enough to change the world’) JR has created a large-scale participatory art project that uses photography to enable the public to discover, reveal and share the untold stories and images of people around the world.

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This Week’s Best In Brand Engagement

Mini is launching an online and press campaign targeting people’s subconscious, to prompt them to reveal when they’re in the market to buy a new car. The ads are based on the phenomenon that people often see things based on what’s in their subconscious. The ads show an outline of a Mini appearing in the most unlikely places, such as in jam on a piece of toast. The strapline reads: “Mini on your mind?”  

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Valentine’s Day Campaigns

Without wanting to break tradition I’m going to say it, but just once.


“Happy Valentine’s Day!” 

To really get you in the mood, feast your eyes on RPM’s top five Valentine’s campaigns, ideas and events sourced by our Planning and Concept team.

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The RedBulletin- Red Bull’s Magazine

It’s interesting to see that Red Bull have produced ‘The Red Bulletin’ magazine in association with The Sunday Telegraph; an adventure inspired glossy that covers extreme sports, travel, edgy art and the hippest music scenes. Every one of these topics of course features against sharp Red Bull related editorial and large photographic images of Red Bull’s latest projects-BUT-it’s a great way of building a brand personality.

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Local Social Summit: ‘Two Sides to Every Story, a Local Social Case Study’ Social Media Week Event

PR Manager Steph Wollenberg, attended Social Media event ‘Two Sides to Every Story’ where a burger invasion was most certainly on the cards…

Down Grey’s Inn Road sits Andreas Cafe, an old and battered greasy spoon; the owner of which serves up to ‘400 fried breakfasts in just two hours’ every morning. This is where Daniel Young, Founder of Young and Foodish, decided to host his pop-up Social Media event, ‘Two Sides to Every Story’ as part of London’s Social Media Week. 
 The purpose of the small gathering (30 people attended) was to discuss the encounter between the big Burger King corporation and Daniel, after he decided to invade Burger King at Waterloo Station with a string of red t-shirted burger fans. The ‘invasion’ was drummed up via Twitter and Facebook, through which Burger King caught wind and decided to get involved; bridging the divide between the big dog and the underdog. Jack Clothier of Cow PR (who represent Burger King) spoke at last night’s event, claiming that he decided to come down to Burger King armed with two chefs, who then cooked up a special ‘Atomic Whopper’ burger for Daniel and his clan. As Daniel and Jack discussed the event in unison last night, what was interesting was the collaboration between them on such a small happening and it was nice to see corporates like Burger King taking an active interest in Social Media, and Daniel’s subsequent invasion.

Jack jokingly touched on his reservation to come down to Burger King that day without pre-warning Daniel. Neither of them knew much about the other, and it was like two strangers meeting with secret agendas, which thankfully for Daniel, worked out perfectly.
The first hour of last night’s event was greetings, pop corn and networking, shortly followed by the most delicious burger I’ve ever had, prepared by O’Shea’s of Knightsbridge. The thick slabs of meat were 100% Black Angus Beef, complimented by soft seeded buns and a slice of mouth watering melted cheese. Cupcakes from Beas of Bloomsbury and speeches then followed, with speeches from Daniel, Jack and Dylan Fuller from Local Social Summit.

The evening ended with a complimentary Burger King goodie bag (of course), which I was surprised to find contained a Burger King perfume, containing ‘Flame Grilled’ essence. (Do people actually wear this?). To watch the un-edited ‘invasion’ of Burger King by Daniel and his foodie followers, click here.

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Thinking Inside The Box

In order to promote the new movie Coraline, written and directed by Henry Selick, animation studio, Laika, commissioned Weiden+Kennedy to come up with a new solution to ‘Reinvent the way you market a movie’.Now as we all know most movie promotions consist of dodgy press releases, CD ROMs or badly produced flyers, yet Weiden+Kennedy took thinking outside the box to a new level, and actually created one!

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Are We All Going Grooming Mad?

As brands tap into the grooming trend, PR Manager Steph Wollenberg looks into the rise of pop-up salons.

I’ve been pondering of late, (in between nail polishing, leg massages and fish spas) on the uprising trend for personal ‘grooming’; and it would seem i’m not the only one. Brands are now tentatively tapping into the fact that-let’s face it-we’ve become a vainer society, and are using it as a focus for Marketing activity. Pop-up grooming salons for example seem to be filling our high street stores quicker than you can say ‘tinted-moisturizer’.

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