Hue Robertson

Nurturing Talent & Grad Scheme

As an industry, I think we’re leading the pack in terms of sustaining recruitment and developing talent on all levels. Recruitment plays such a vital role in bringing fresh vitality and new viewpoints to the table. But, it’s not just about getting talent in- it’s keeping it that matters. The only way you can achieve this is investing in your people and their working environment. Some of our graduate recruits who joined over ten years ago now hold key leadership positions andit’s here that I’d like to flag up our grad scheme- open for entries until June 25th.

Anyone with a passion for marketing, or creativity should apply via our website where you can find an application form.Our grad scheme is very important to us- and we really encourage people to apply.

So go on- show us what you’ve got!

  • Mathew Cutts

    Nice to see that some people understand the importance of dietary requirements, we have a coeliac in our family and cross contamination is a serious issue not just ingredients in food, for example we have two toasters, catering companies need to understand cross contamination as well.

    Recently Coeliac UK have worked with Pizza Express to introduce a gluten free range and that included the changing of all flour used for preparing pizza so no airborne particles of gluten entered the restaurant, so it can be done even in places you would think impossible.

    The other interesting point in your article is about the quality of the dietary options and I have to agree too often these are poor or obvious and venues claim they can cater for this but in reality all they offer is one choice from the menu, so no choice at all really.