Hue Robertson

Brands Merge With Film

In a world of high engagement, static advertising is starting to seem somewhat old fashioned. Some may argue that I would say this of course, as I do champion the experiential discipline, but the proof is in the pudding. Instead of planting themselves on billboards or magazine pages, brands are now taking the next step and subtly merging with the world of film, through product placement, sponsorship, or the generation of their very own film content.

For example, Ketel One Vodka has teamed up with Future Shortsto host often very elegant, chic film nights. Gillette have also jumped on the ‘brandwaggon’ and produced their very own uncut music documentary series. Coca Cola too have also come up with the film ‘Lives Of The Artists’ and Muller Light have secured the lucky sponsorship spot of the next Sex And The City Film.

So why have they done it? Well the film industry is glamorous and owns that element of ‘the cutting edge’ that all brands are looking for. With YouTube’s power as a search engine rising by the day, the reach grows also grows with it.

So what do you think to brands holding the clapper boards?