Hue Robertson

Who’s Having The Last Laugh?

I’ve come across a number of very humorous adverts online recently, the punch lines of which have almost always stayed with me throughout the day. Not only this, but each time, I was compelled to share these moments ofhysteriawith others in order that, like me, they too could add a touch of comedy to their day.

This got me thinking about how powerful simply‘having a laugh’ can be and how effective it is when it comes to advertising. What my experience suggests- and I know I’m not alone here- is that consumers are far more likely to remember the product on show if the advert was funny.

Heineken are of course great advocates for this. The prank they played on the hundreds of innocent boyfriends tricked into believing they were being dragged along to an opera as opposed to watching the biggest soccer game of the season was cheeky and as a result extremely funny; in fact this viral has since been viewed 559,440 times on YouTube.

Heineken have also produced the ad ‘Men With Talent’, which shows a group of men gripped to a program entitled the former, in which various men are shown demonstrating circus like skills using pints of Heineken in front of a cheering TV audience.

To back me up, a survey conducted by Marketing Week in March this year, revealed that ‘funny and entertaining [ads] are ranked most effective’ and somewhat ironically, the ads regarded as ‘serious topics’ ranked the least effective.

So, is humour the most powerful marketing tool yet? I would say yes, although we could argue that these reactions aresomewhat to be expected ofa British audience. In a society filled with miserable faces, drizzling rain, congestion charges, rush hours and crowded tubes, we all need a little giggle to lighten ourselves up; especially if the weather won’t. I’m convinced thoughthat the power of the laugh should not be ignored…what do you think?

-Stephanie Wollenberg-