Hue Robertson

Straight from the grad’s mouth…

by Sam Haydock, Account Executive

I am nearing the end of the RPM graduate scheme, and am really enjoying working in the industry. Without doubt, every agency should have some form of grad recruitment going – the future stars are just waiting to be discovered, so they can’t afford not to!

The marketing industry is extremely tough and competitive for those wanting to get a foot in the door, and grad schemes give both employers and graduates the opportunity to find out where their skills lie, and what they can bring to each agency.

What has surprised me most about the industry is that it doesn’t stop and it’s constantly evolving. A marketing-savvy audience has created a need for constantly evolving ideas and concepts; making agency life an extremely exciting place to be. There is also an enormous amount of work by so many individuals- it becomes a really collaborative affair- yet often the end project could appear very simple.

Sometimes the pressure is high, and you have to be really switched on; you definitely get thrown into the deep end, and often you end up having a lot of responsibility early on. Often you have to learn on the job which I find a welcome challenge.

My recommendations for future grads wanting to get into marketing and events, are be positive and focused on your end goal. If you want to get in to the industry, you will if you are determined enough. In terms of the research I did, the following websites are really useful for tips on interview technique, and industry insight:, and

It is so important to make sure you are switched on; you can’t turn up to work in this industry and be vacant. Be prepared to face challenges and commit yourself, but also be prepared to love your job. Day to day tasks and repetition don’t really exist in this industry and- you’ll never be bored. In terms of interviews and applications, remember to be yourself and not what you think people want you to be. I was very surprised that on the grad day, the loudest and most confident characters did not get through despite thinking that they were what agencies offer.